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Everybody is “I” – life, death and being

I only just discovered Alan Watts and it was through Trey Ratcliff’s video titled “Life From Above, and Beyond, with words from Alan Watts”. Ratcliff’s video includes the audio of a talk Watts gave (I don’t know when) and part of it really touched me and I transcribed it:

Nature abhors a vacuum. So after you are dead the only thing that can happen is the same experience, or the same sort of experience as when you were born. In other words we all know very well that after people die, other people are born. And they’re all you. Only you could only experience it one at a time. Everybody is “I”. You all know you’re you. And wheresoever beings exist throughout all galaxies – it doesn’t make any difference – you are all of them. And when they come into being, that’s you coming into being. You know that very well only you don’t have to remember the past in the same way you don’t have to think about how you work your thyroid gland …. You don’t have to know how to shine the Sun. You just do it. Like you breathe. Doesn’t it really astonish you that you are this fantastically complex thing? And that you are doing all of this and you never had any education in how to do it?

Here is Ratcliff’s video (beautiful aerial footage using quadcopters):

I love this other quote from the Alan Watts website:

The Universe is the game of the self, which plays hide and seek forever and ever

Have a good week.

Image credit: Moeraki Boulders at Sunrise by Trey Ratcliff, licensed [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]( Some rights reserved)

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My journey with Diabetes … so far

Today is World Diabetes Day (I forgot but my wife kindly reminded me) so I thought I’d share some of my experiences and journey with Diabetes so far.

The one thing that really stands out for me is how I have changed in the last 10 months or so. I don’t remember being thin since my teens and I have people telling me that I am skinny now. It sounds a little superficial but this is quite a big thing for me. These photos of me will probably give you an idea of my physical transformation. This first photo was taken on 7 February, around the time I was diagnosed.

Shortly after I was diagnosed

This second photo was taken the other day (it’s an ID photo update so I wasn’t making much of an effort to smile).

November 2013

Initially being diagnosed with Diabetes seemed like a tremendous burden. Now I see it as one of the best things to have happened to me (after meeting my amazing supportive wife and having our equally amazing children).


How communications networks harvest your data to personalize your Web experience

This video is beautifully designed and made and nicely explains how data collected by our communications networks is sold and used to personalize our experience of the Web and the ads that are presented to us on the Web.