Bizcommunity says “thanks”

I just got back from a Wild West-themed party hosted by Bizcommunity at Party House in Northgate. The event was held to thank Bizcommunity’s clients and prospective clients for their business and interest. I had a couple really interesting discussions about satellite TV in Africa and the upcoming CNBC Africa launch on 1 June (which…… Continue reading Bizcommunity says “thanks”

I could kick myself …

… (again) that I wasn’t at this event:(Source: Lessig blog – thanks to Colette for the link)Technorati Tags:free digital culture, creativity is a right, lawrence lessig, jimmy wales, creative commons, icommons, whispa, could kick myself

Vincent is a dad!

A very big congratulations to Vincent and Daniella Maher. Their little nugget, Michael Liam Maher, was born today, 13 April 2007. Mom is doing just fine as I type this and resting. Very exciting news all around.Technorati Tags:vincent maher, michael liam maher, daniella maher, baby, nugget

The controversial 2007 SA Blog Awards … revisited

The debate over the 2007 SA Blog Awards has been pretty intense.  I had an opportunity to chat to Jonathan Cherry, the co-ordinator/facilitator of the SA Blog Awards for the last three years running about much of the criticism that has been levied against the voting process, the judges and the alignment of the stars…… Continue reading The controversial 2007 SA Blog Awards … revisited