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  • Alt.conference – more social than media

    About 45 people came together in two locations for the inaugural alt.conference events held simultaneously in Cape Town and Johannesburg on 4 July. I came up with the idea for alt.conference a couple months ago during a conversation with Hunter of Genius, Max Kaizen. It was an experiment in a few ways. On one hand […]

  • More of what you can expect at alt.conference

    I gave you a preview of what you can expect at alt.conference about a week ago. I have managed to finalise the program for the two events. Well, pretty much. I can’t really decide which event is likely to be more interesting. There is a terrific bunch of speakers lined-up for both the Cape Town […]

  • Go go alt.conference – a preview of what to expect

    Update: I can’t figure out how to add the html code for a banner but you can use this version of the logo if you would like to create your own banner! Alt.conference is around the corner and there are already over 80 people who have joined the Alt.conference site. So what is this all […]

  • Thoughts about the Seacom cable: what it isn't and what it can be

    In a way our trip to Mtunzini to visit the Seacom landing station on 28 May 2009 was a great analogy for the Seacom cable’s impact on South Africa’s degree of connectivity to the Internet. It took us about 2 hours to fly from Johannesburg to Durban and back again and about double that amount […]

  • Almost time for the iCommons iSummit ‘08

    Here is a presentation Heather Ford, iCommons’ Executive Director, has posted to SlideShare. | View | Upload your own I really should use SlideShare myself … Technorati Tags:icommons, isummit, isummit ’08, heather ford

  • 2008 will be the year of …

    … something, I am sure.  I don’t like predictions for the new year.  People often think they have a handle on what will strike it big in the new year and they are rarely right.  Industry analysts in particular don’t really have a clue and probably pick predictions from a hat and add a couple […]

  • Bizcommunity says “thanks”

    I just got back from a Wild West-themed party hosted by Bizcommunity at Party House in Northgate. The event was held to thank Bizcommunity’s clients and prospective clients for their business and interest. I had a couple really interesting discussions about satellite TV in Africa and the upcoming CNBC Africa launch on 1 June (which […]

  • I could kick myself …

    … (again) that I wasn’t at this event: (Source: Lessig blog – thanks to Colette for the link) Technorati Tags:free digital culture, creativity is a right, lawrence lessig, jimmy wales, creative commons, icommons, whispa, could kick myself