“We’re a generation of smartphones and dumb people”

One was to describe the world we live in today is as a “contradiction”. We have so many ways to connect with each other and share our lives and yet the primary ways we do that also isolate us from meaningful human contact. The instrument of our isolation is also the device we use to…

What blogging means to me

I took some time to write about what blogging means to me a few years ago. This post was written in the early days of blogging, before social media gained the sort of traction we see today.

We’re engaged!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] The two of us at our engagement party[/caption] Yesterday I mentioned that there was something in my life to be very happy about and this is it.  After a mere 15 months or so together, G and I are engaged to be married early next year.  We are both very excited…

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