Earth’s 5 continents

My daughter informed me that, according to her teacher, there are 5 continents: The Americas (because North and South America are connected) Africa Australia Europe Asia (no comment on how connected Europe and Asia are) Antarctica is apparently just a really big block of ice ... The world really has changed since I was at…

A reminder about our perceived differences

A spectacular reminder that our perceived differences are just that. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="750"] NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock tweeted this photo with the caption "It's Tuesday; And you're beautiful; And it'll be exactly the same tomorrow...only Wednesday." .[/caption] If you love photos like this, be sure to take a look at this collection:

Looking back to see the Moon passing over the Earth

NASA released images of the Moon passing over the Earth that looks unreal ... literally. We are used to photos of the Moon from our vantage point down here and on its own. This almost looks like an illustration, especially when you consider that the side of the Moon we see in this photo is…
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