Tag: Don’t be stupid

  • In a move that would probably impress Rupert Murdoch, the Independent News & Media group has launched a premium online edition of its various newspapers which is practically inaccessible to readers. This premium online edition is also likely designed to discourage readers from digital editions altogether, thus ensuring the ongoing viability of the dead tree […]

  • I just picked up on this link to Apple’s HTML 5 demos on Twitter. I browsed to the site in Firefox 3.6.4 and Chrome and was met with the following message when I tried to view one of the demos: I’m sorry, I thought HTML 5 was supposed to be an open standard accessible to […]

  • Ok, I have a ton of work to do but I had to get this one out. Standard Bank blogged about its branch locator page on its site on Facebook (I can’t link to the site, sorry, the bank’s terms and conditions prohibit that): The bank’s response to my suggestion that it load its branches […]

  • I am periodically reprimanded by some security guard for taking photos of or in the vicinity of a shopping mall. I have essentially been told that taking photos in or of shopping malls is banned with no real rationale. I took a photo of a renovated space inside Balfour Park yesterday and I was told […]

  • I received a spam item as a Twitter direct message today. It wasn’t from some fake blonde, fraudster or the usual bunch of “@-reply” spammers. It was from a newspaper I followed on Twitter which spammed me using direct messaging: I may be a little touchy with this one but there is something about spamming […]

  • I just had a brief debate with Suzan Gray which merits a longer response than Twitter can accommodate in 140 characters (and which also demonstrates my point): … to which I replied (somewhat tongue in cheek): … and Suzan retorted: While Twitter is known as a micro-blogging service, it is really more of the following: […]

  • I had the misfortune of being disconnected from Afrihost this morning because my scheduled payment didn’t go off my card for some reason I suspect has more to do with Standard Bank than Afrihost (yes, there is money in the account). I didn’t receive the email from Afrihost telling me about this on my MacBook […]

  • Melrose Arch opened a new shopping section last week and my wife and I decided to go take a look. The centre with the slogan “the space to be yourself” has opened a pretty funky shopping space. I thought it would be visually appealing so I took my Canon point and shoot along with us. […]