Tag: Don’t be stupid

  • Make the hard choice, get worked up about inspiring stories

    People get really worked up about crap which doesn’t deserve nearly as much attention as it receives. That crap usually comprises people making stupid comments about things and everyone else taking deep personal offence. What follows is a Twitter mob that lacks perspective. This story on the SouthAfrica Instagram profile is an awesome item which […]

  • Disturbing pre-teen glamour ad

    This is on Sandton City’s elevator doors. It’s a little disturbing.

  • People who set off fireworks

    People who set off fireworks in suburbia for no reason other than their small minds like the bright lights should be locked in a small room with excellent acoustics and a few packs of those big, bright fireworks for a couple hours.

  • Don't use that ATM, there is a snake trapped in it!

    This one is a little weird and very possibly the result of some cruel human act: This (understandably angry) snake was found at a Caja Madrid bank Monday morning. The snake tried to attack bank patrons until the manager released the slitherer. Police aren’t sure how the snake became stuck in the machine, but they […]

  • A little perspective on the iPhone 4s

    Apple’s iPhone 4s announcement was accompanied by some particularly fickle commentary on Twitter. The criticism basically came down to a bunch of armchair critics complaining because the iPhone that was announced was not a full version number higher than the pretty awesome iPhone 4 but was a measly iPhone 4s. I am sure it was […]

  • Ster Kinekor versus the Twitterati

    The new Ster Kinekor website is an old story already and a lot has been written about its pros and cons. I got back into the story yesterday when someone behind the Ster Kinekor Twitter account engaged with me when I tweeted about my frustration with the site. What followed was some engagement with Ster […]

  • Why TechCentral's Google+ review is the worst I've read

    Craig Wilson has written the worst Google+ review I have read so far. This isn’t because the review is critical of Google+ or questions whether it has what it takes to compete with Facebook and Twitter, but because the review is factually inaccurate in some respects, misleading in others and reads a little like Wilson […]

  • ANC SMS spam ahead of elections

    The Democratic Alliance was heavily criticized in the last day or two because of it’s massive SMS election campaign. I didn’t receive the most recent SMS the DA sent out (which makes me wonder about it’s database) but I did receive this gem below from the ANC instead. As you might have guessed, it is […]