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  • Projector

    I’m watching old episodes of Ze Frank’s “A Show” and this one titled “Projector” is a great one:​

  • This is why honest users pirate music

    The people who download content using options like BitTorrent don’t all intend to “steal” content. Sometimes, content “piracy” is committed by people who are just frustrated by bad content business models.

  • What trashy property spam looks like

    I used to feel that opt-out marketing was bad, generally, and should be wholly replaced by an opt-in model. Warren Moss, Demographica’s MD, pointed out the value of an opt-out paradigm when it comes to people who are simply unaware of the products and services that are available to them and which they may only […]

  • Surge protection plugs can be shockers

    These days buying surge protection plugs are practically a no-brainer. They are supposed to protect our appliances when lightning strikes or power supply surges and they come with warranties that involve payouts if appliances are damaged. What many consumers may not be aware of is that there are a number of conditions attaching to these […]

  • Getting screwed by over the counter medication

    We realised that we have just hit our medical aid self-payment gap all of 2 and a half months into the year. It sounded completely wrong so we checked our records and it turns out a substantial portion of the amounts pharmacists submitted to Discovery was for over the counter medication which included our baby’s […]

  • Transparency in government and media freedom

    I watched a video produced by the White House which I found really interesting for a couple reasons. West Wing Week: 8/20/10 or “Turkey Turkey and a Jammer” from The White House on Vimeo. This week, travel with the First Family to Panama City Beach, Florida for a weekend of swimming, mini-golf, and meeting with […]

  • Google threatens to switch off China

    I linked to this post on the Google blog this morning from The Daily Maverick newsletter. It is a very interesting story because of what it reveals about what our world will be like in the months and years ahead. Like many other well-known organizations, we face cyber attacks of varying degrees on a regular […]

  • Overpaid Eskom execs rake it in

    Yes, while we sit in darkness for hours at a time, the executives running Eskom are forced to settle for pay packets in the millions, regardless of whether they actually keep Eskom going and the country electrified. According to Moneyweb: As the furore around South African parastatal Eskom continues to explode, all kinds of inconvenient […]