Critical steps to get things done when you clearly lack focus

We live in a wondrous technological age that also makes it harder to get things done. This is a challenge when you have a lot of things to do. Obviously.

Capturing moments: dedicated cameras vs smartphones

Photography is about capturing moments and we increasingly do that with our smartphones because they are always with us. The challenge is that they also distract us from the present.

The tools I use to be productive with ADHD

Having ADHD doesn’t mean the end to productivity. What it means is that you need to develop a productivity system that plays to your strengths and reduces the likelihood you’ll wander off chasing squirrels.

SlowTech and a distracted culture

I just watched this 15 minute presentation by Joe Kraus about our distracted culture. If you fill your gaps with your phone, this is for you (and me). Also read his post on his blog.

A war on phone distractions

I could do with fewer notifications! Immediately after watching this, I radically changed how I use my phone: I turned off all notifications for everything except my calendar and Google Voice (for SMS messages). That means my phone no longer proactively checks my e-mail, it no longer checks for Facebook activity, it no longer checks […]

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