Nostalgia about writing on paper, something more tangible

Jamie Todd Rubin’s post about writing on paper is nostalgia about writing in a different time and a more tangible writing experience.

Are handwritten notes better than typed?

My workflow is primarily digital but I much prefer handwritten notes for general note-taking over digital. It seems to be a more flexible medium for me and there are many who agree.

Laws are not just relevant after an event

@pauljacobson laws are relevant after an event, culture dictates before. — Craig Rodney (@Craigrodney) July 25, 2013 Craig Rodney wrote a post I agree with, to a degree, earlier today and which he titled "Cultivating a social culture”. He makes an argument for culture’s primacy as a preventative tool for many risks and I agree […]

Analogue wins

Analogue wins in this room. Its the sort of space you can be inspired by, think profound thoughts in and in which a digital device would probably be both unwelcome and an affront to the space itself. Right after that one, is this next room. Wow.

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