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  • Jamboard and Surface Studio are hints of our future tech

    Google Jamboard is a hint of the future of how we will interface with our data and collaborate with each other. In itself, it isn’t a dramatic leap forward but it is a step nevertheless.

  • No more device guilt

    All those notifications and conversations can rapidly become sources of guilt. One solution is just not to create the profiles in the first place.

  • No more support for WhatsApp on BlackBerry

    WhatsApp is dropping support for BlackBerry devices along with a number of older devices in 2016. No more WhatsApp on BlackBerry will likely only accelerate BlackBerry’s demise.

  • Antisocial media

    I’ve had a recurring theme in my life the last week or so and it is pretty ironic considering much of the last week was spent at (and participating in) a social media conference: with all the social/digital devices and services we have available to us, we are remarkably antisocial. We talk about social all […]