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  • The Forge Web Creations has a new site design and I really like it. I’ve had a chance to work with Sue and her team and they are terrific to work with and are doing some really interesting work. This design just highlights some of the talent there. These are great people to work with!

  • You’ve probably started seeing tweets and posts about the new Google+ design. It’s live on my profile and this is what it looks like for me: The new Google+ design feels a little claustrophobic. The top and left bars seem to make the middle panel that much smaller. I also can’t help but notice the […]

  • I also noticed a small change in the Chrome tab bar when I updated to the current version (version 17.x): I noticed yesterday that Chrome no longer displays a “+” inside of the new tab button. Above: the new tab button for the previous versions of Chrome on the left and the new tab button […]