If I could just go back in time and make better decisions …

Ever imagine you could go back in time and make better choices? What if you flipped that around and asked whether you could make better decisions today that you won’t wish you could change in the future?

“When we say we have no choice, we feel trapped and we are powerless”

Saying you have no choice leaves you stuck. Make a different decision.

Create a 2015 you will want to remember

2014 has turned out to be a pretty challenging year and not necessarily in a happy way. I was about to say “not in a good way” but you have a choice how to view your challenges in your life. You can see them as curses sent to make you miserable or mountains to climb […]

Why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same t-shirt every day

I just watched Mark Zuckerberg’s response to a question about his t-shirt choice (apparently a similar grey t-shirt every day) and, as he said, it sounds silly but makes a lot of sense. At least, to me. I’ve been thinking about all the choices I have in a different context and how having all those […]

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