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  • I have a few more thoughts about this debate and the arguments raised in the last few days. I am sufficiently cranky this morning and more than a little annoyed at some of the responses I have received to this practice which has become a central part of who Jews are and which has served […]

  • My wife and I are having a debate about my planned photo wall in my new office which I move into later this month. The idea is to have one wall in my office and one in Nastassja‘s office which will have photos relevant to what we’re doing. My thinking behind the wall in my […]

  • Never mind the Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter debate, there are pretty strong similarities between Google+ and Tumblr and Posterous. I used to use Posterous and Tumblr depending on my mood and closed down my Posterous site when I realised I didn’t really have a need for it given my preference for Tumblr anyway. Besides, […]