When Daddy’s little girl encounters boys

There comes a time when Daddy’s little girl encounters boys. It is harmless to begin with but we know it won’t always be that way.

Soosh’s love between a Dad and his daughter

Snezhana Soosh’s illustrations of the love between a Dad and his daughter are wonderful. She published a series of them that are just amazing.

Something for the awesome Dads

The Dads I know are the opposite. They are awesome Dads and they inspire me each time I see them with their kids.

Happy Dads' Day!

Today is Fathers’ Day in South Africa (and possibly for you too). I prefer “Dads’ Day” and this is my little greeting. I love being a Dad. Our kids’ arrival introduced an amazing dimension to my life which shifted priorities, focus and purpose. It has been a wild ride and although it isn’t always hugs […]

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