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  • Raising a Jewish family is very much a journey

    My wife contributed a post to the All Things Mom Sydney blog titled “The Religious Effect: Raising children within a Jewish Family” which describes many of the decisions we have made.

  • Ancient Hebrew texts emerges from the ashes

    A group of scientists have collaborated to recover portions of the En-Gedi scroll, ancient Hebrew texts that were almost destroyed by fire over 1 700 years ago.

  • Too Israeli for Israelis

    Israelis can be an acquired taste but is it possible for an Israeli to be too Israeli, even for other Israelis?

  • Becoming Israeli is the hard part

    Becoming an Israeli citizen was the easy part. Becoming an Israeli is the hard part. Part of it is tied to Hebrew (for me at least) and the rest is about internalising my people’s history.

  • Did you breakdance like this in the 80s?

    Did you breakdance like this in the 1980s? Do you remember breakdancing at all? I saw some kids doing it outside our mall and it brought back memories.

  • Israelis gatecrash a quiet wedding

    I came across a fantastic story yesterday about how a group of Israelis gatecrashed a quiet wedding in Haifa that really highlights one of the reasons I am proud to be an Israeli.

  • Why I have a huge #writercrush on Slack

    Boy, I have such a huge #writercrush on the Slack team for their app update notes!

  • A nation allergic to nonsense

    My wife wrote a blog post which falls firmly into the category “Hey, I was also going to write a post about that!” which she titled “You say rude, I say cut the bullshit” which touches on something I’ve been thinking about the last week or two. I have had a line in my Twitter […]