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  • Making sense of the email madness in Gmail with Priority Inbox

    Google is going to roll out a cool new feature to Google Mail (Gmail and Google Apps) users in the next week or so. It is called Priority Inbox: Gmail has always been pretty good at filtering junk mail into the “spam” folder. But today, in addition to spam, people get a lot of mail […]

  • Gmail phone option made its way into my Gmail account

    Google announced a new VOIP product which it has integrated into Gmail. It takes the existing voice capability for Google Talk even further and makes Gmail a Skype competitor. This new functionality is really exciting but it was only supposed to be rolling out to US customers: We’re rolling out this feature to U.S. based […]

  • Ubuntu keeps getting cooler

    Say whatever you will about Ubuntu as a viable operating system for you but you have to at least concede that Ubuntu keeps getting cooler with each release: (Source: Mark Shuttleworth)

  • Google Wave matures into a truly useful tool

    We’ve been using Google Wave in our firm to collaborate with some clients on new projects. We’re using a Google Wave instance based in our Google Apps account and so far the results have been pretty good. We’ve been using Wave to replace email for project related communications and brainstorming and while we haven’t exactly […]

  • One location service to rule them all: check.in

    If you have an iPhone/iPad or an Android phone, here is a service that could save you from deciding between or maintaining the various location based services like Foursquare and Gowalla: Check.in is an HTML 5 service that allows you to connect your various location services (including Foursquare and Gowalla) to a single check in […]

  • Google Chrome is faster than a speeding potato

    I just came across this hilarious video demonstrating how fast Google Chrome is in an innovative way: And this is how they made the video: I love these Google videos! If you are interested in what makes the latest beta (v5.0.375.38 as I write this) so fast, take a look at this post on the […]

  • Norwegian PM runs his country using an iPad

    Ok, this is a little gimmicky but a fun insight into how the iPad is being used. Norway Uses iPad to Run the Government During Icelandic Volcano: “Thousands of travelers are stranded throughout Europe as ash continues to rain down from an erupting volcano in Iceland this week. Among them is Norwegian Prime Minister Jens […]

  • What makes Google Chrome so fast, technically

    Ever wonder what makes Google Chrome so fast? Take a look at this post. Technically speaking, what makes Google Chrome fast? (Part II): “If you’ve dug around the many graphs that are displayed when you type ‘about:histograms’ into Chrome’s Omnibox, you’ll notice that we’re still obsessed about measuring, benchmarking, and improving speed and performance on […]