Tag: Cool stuff

  • Cool business card holder from @europcarsa

    I received this cool business card holder from Europcar SA the other day when Zahava Stein, Europcar SA‘s General Manager for Marketing, dropped off a platinum card for me (thanks Zavi). This card holder is similar to one I received as a gift from my secretary when I left Werksmans years ago but this one […]

  • Something for infographic + Evernote geeks

    If you love infographics then you may like my little collection of infographics which I have accumulated over time. If these creative data representations excite you happen to be an Evernote user then take a look at my shared Infographics notebook in Evernote. You can view the notebook on the Web and link it to […]

  • Even better collaboration in Google Docs with Discussions

    If you, like me, liked Google Wave and desperately wanted it to be more useful in a practical way, it looks like some of that functionality has found its way into Google Docs and it looks pretty exciting from a collaboration perspective. I don’t use Google Docs much, its a lot more constrained than Word […]

  • Full Captain America and Thor trailers and they look awesome

    This year looks like it will be Marvel’s year with a number of movies coming out. I just watched this full Captain America trailer and the movie looks awesome: I am also really excited about Thor which comes out in May: I haven’t been a big Marvel comics fan (my preferences have been in the […]

  • Vacuum tubes, dials and Superman

    My son has been watching a couple DVDs of circa-1940s Superman cartoons on and off for a few months. I remember watching some of these episodes back when I was a child. Many of the villains seem to have what must have been considered pretty advanced technology at the time: massive energy cannons, powerful magnets […]

  • iOS apps to share what you watch on TV

    We don’t watch as much TV as we used to. Having children tends to cut back on your available TV watching time. When we do watch, we have our regular shows we watch almost religiously. It’s not surprising, then, that I found two iOS apps, in particular, really interesting: Tunerfish and IntoNow. Tunerfish is a […]

  • Calvetica: a quick iPhone calendar app mention

    I am on a bit of an iPhone app kick at the moment while I wait for my iPhone’s micro-SIM to activate (just hoping I didn’t mess up the process and it has to start again on Monday). I came across this app I noticed a while ago and which looks pretty cool. I haven’t […]

  • 20 things you can learn about browsers and the Web … from an ebook

    I just came across this awesome ebook from the Google Chrome team titled “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web“. One of the cool things about the book is that it is not downloadable but is rather coded in HTML 5. I haven’t read it yet but it looks like a goodie!