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  • 4th of July for everyone, except for Americans

    Our son came to me this morning, and asked me this: Is it the 4th of July for everyone, or just in America? Me: Well, everyone has the 4th of July. It’s just a bigger deal for people in the United States. I checked my watch, and noticed that it was 06:49 (we’re UTC+3) Me: […]

  • Why my son wants the Force to be real

    My son wants the Force to be real and came to me the other day and told me why: Son: Dad, when will Hashem [aka G-d] create the Force? Me: Uh, what? Why? Son: Well, when Hashem creates the Force, I want to use it to pick Faith up and move her home because she […]

  • How brands fail to really engage and don’t realize it

    As marketers we think that we are “engaging” with our “target market” when we run “campaigns” on various social media platforms. We point to various indicators of our successes which range from social signals like retweets, Likes, +1s and comments of various sorts along with some sort of secondary success metric. The industry has come a […]