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  • Chromecast sold me on Apple TV but it’s complicated

    Chromecast sold me on Apple TV but it’s complicated

    The Google Chromecast is a wonderful device. I love using it and it has sold me on the idea of an Apple TV. That said, the decision to buy one is a complicated one.

  • What is Twitter good for?

    What is Twitter good for?

    So what is Twitter good for given the relatively low, meaningful engagement? The answer is probably “not much” if Twitter’s value is the extent to which it sends traffic to what you tweet about as opposed to focusing attention on itself.

  • A letter to a young child from his dying mother

    “From 1994” Short Film from Casey Warren | MINDCASTLE on Vimeo. This is a powerful and emotional video and it touches on something I’ve thought about a couple times. We don’t know how much longer we have in this life. If our time came to an end today, what would we want to leave behind…

  • Techno frazzled

      I’m hypothetically on leave at the moment (back at work on the 6th) and my plan was to pull my mind back from the ledge it has lived on for the past year or so and back to rolling green fields caressed by cool breezes and the sounds of my children’s laughter. As usual,…

  • Feedly, Google Currents and how we read

    Google launched Google Currents and released Android and iOS apps. I installed the app and it is a beautiful app but I couldn’t help but notice its similarities to an app that has been around for a while: Feedly. Take a look at these two videos which demonstrate both services’/apps’ functionality: and Feedly is more…

  • What blogging means to me

    What blogging means to me

    I took some time to write about what blogging means to me a few years ago. This post was written in the early days of blogging, before social media gained the sort of traction we see today.