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  • What “content marketing” really is

    Podcast about content marketing

    The term “content marketing” has been heavily abused. I found this discussion about what it really is to be well worth listening to.

  • I’m leaving imonomy

    Leaving imonomy

    Today is my last day. I am leaving imonomy and moving on to my next challenge. It has been a memorable experience for sure.

  • School fees for writers

    Pencils, school fees, learning

    School fees for writers are those experiences you go through when you learn to write more effectively. Just being a good writer isn’t enough. You have to learn to adapt your writing for your objectives and that can feel like starting from scratch.

  • Why Slack release notes are so much fun

    Writing tools

    If you love Slack release notes as much as I do then you’ll love this article by Slack’s Anna Pickard with insights into her team’s approach to release notes.

  • What interruptions feel like as a writer

    This is what interruptions feel like as a writer. This is partly a technique to refocus and partly an explanation for the ignorant.

  • Returning to a 14 year old career

    One of the transitions I feel most comfortable about is my switch to a job in marketing for imonomy, an online in-image advertising company. It’s easy to think that my transition from being a lawyer to being a content marketing person is the real career shift. In some ways, it is, but I realised that […]

  • Should professional websites have blogs?

    My primary business is my digital risk consulting business and its website has a blog along with static pages about me, my services as related themes. I have maintained a blog on my professional sites for about 9 years, it just seemed like the right way to set up a professional site. Lately, though, I’ve […]

  • Law blogs as content marketing

    Kevin O’Keefe wrote a post recently titled “Are law blogs content marketing?“. I view stories like this as the height of citizen journalism. Covering things that have gone uncovered until now for which the public, or at least a segment of the public, has a keen interest. Also over the last couple days, I have […]