Flowers and Construction on a Sunny Spring Morning

I went for a walk this morning to drop off some (long) overdue library books. I took my camera along with me for a change.

Constructively featured by VSCO again

I received a nice surprise in my inbox this morning. VSCO has selected two of my photos to feature in curated search results. I’m not too sure what that means and when my photos will appear (or for how long) but it’s great to be featured by VSCO again. Here are my photos:  

Modi’in under construction

We live in Modi’in in Central Israel. It is one of the first cities in Israel that was actually planned before being built and it is a terrific city for families with lots of parks and open spaces. The city is under construction and is going to receive a few upgrades including a new city […]

Sandton, a work in progress

Sandton, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, RSA

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