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  • Nokia Ringaz: Connecting local people

    You may have noticed that Nokia South Africa has launched a new blog called Nokia Ringaz: Nokia today announced the virtual introduction of its South African blog, titled Nokia Ringaz (pronounced Ring-uz), http://ringaz.nokia.co.za/. Ringaz, which is South African township slang for “many conversations”, will host stories from in and around the Nokia community including its […]

  • Kindle for Android app is now available

    I just noticed that the Kindle app for Android is available. DeWitt Clinton posted a few thoughts about the Kindle for Android app on Buzz and I rushed to the Kindle for Android page on the Amazon site for the lowdown and a link to the download page on the Android Marketplace. Amazon’s Kindle service […]

  • Revamped LinkedIn Groups for better conversations

    LinkedIn has revamped its Groups and the result is likely to be better engagement, improved discussion quality and more relevant information being presented in groups. This video outlines the changes quite nicely: The changes seem to be designed to make the groups more relevant in themselves and, at the same time, starting points for new […]

  • Lest we forget about Nokia

    If you are taking a casual look ahead at the smartphone landscape in the coming months you would be excused for thinking that its really about the next generation of Android devices and the iPhone 4. These two platforms are benefitting from increased competition between the two and the newest devices emerging from both camps […]

  • Harvest now available in the Google Apps Marketplace

    We use Harvest to track our time and handle our billing at our firm and it has really saved a huge amount of time performing routine time keeping, billing and client file admin tasks. I also love that it is cloud based and that it is accessible to me anywhere I am, provided I have […]

  • Independent News & Media loses the plot with premium offer

    In a move that would probably impress Rupert Murdoch, the Independent News & Media group has launched a premium online edition of its various newspapers which is practically inaccessible to readers. This premium online edition is also likely designed to discourage readers from digital editions altogether, thus ensuring the ongoing viability of the dead tree […]

  • Does Google Buzz have a chance with fickle users?

    Is history repeating itself with Google Buzz? I hope not. I became a fan of a service called Jaiku about two years ago and wrote about how it was so much better than Twitter from a feature perspective. It was designed for meaningful conversations, unlike Twitter which wasn’t (and still isn’t) really designed for conversations. […]

  • Mashable’s Pete Cashmore seen through Lisa Bettany’s eyes

    I think I am on a Lisa Bettany kick this afternoon. I just watched this brief video profile of Pete Cashmore when he was in San Francisco recently for a Mashable event around the time of Google I/O. Interesting perspective of a man I have only encountered through Twitter and the occasional podcast: