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  • Mozilla's Seabird: a concept phone worth paying attention to

    I noticed this Mozilla Labs demo (it is worthwhile watching the video in HD) this morning and two things struck me. The first is the concept phone’s similarity to Nokia’s “The Way We Live Next” concept (the video is embedded below) and the second is that this phone appears to be running Android: So is […]

  • Thinking iPhone 4 thanks to HTC

    Rich Mulholland showed me his iPhone 4 the other day and he made an interesting comment. Rich has historically not been a fan of Apple Inc although he generally uses its products. He said that he was hoping that the iPhone 4 would disappoint him like some other Apple products and it hasn’t. I’ve been […]

  • Instant search results with Google Instant

    I just finished watching the video from the Google Instant launch event the other day and I’ve been using Google Instant since then. If you haven’t experienced Google Instant yet, check out this video: I read a number of predictions about SEO’s demise after the launch event and those predictions don’t seem to have any […]

  • Is Cell C about to radically change the mobile data market?

    There are two interesting stories in TechCentral about Cell C’s mobile data offerings that caught my attention (they will probably catch yours too). In the first story TechCentral reported that Cell C is going to offer 42Mbit/s (just read that again … 42Mbit/s) mobile data across its network, up from the current 21Mbit/s available in […]

  • Could Orkut be a Google Me preview?

    Yes, I know I just said “Orkut” but take a look at how Google is treating contact groups in Orkut now. Granted Orkut pales in comparison to Facebook but these changes suggest Google may even be trying a couple things out in Orkut with a view to incorporating them into its much anticipated (and rumoured) […]

  • Amazon Kindle free 3G – "free" as in $2 more

    It turns out that when Amazon says international Kindle users get free 3G for their 3G enabled Kindles, they really mean international customers pay an extra $2 for their books. I just read a post on Download Squad that points out a $2 discrepancy between Canadian (and presumably US) pricing and international pricing. Since I’m […]

  • Firefox 4 beta now available

    Speaking of Firefox, the first Firefox 4 beta is now available for testing. Today we’re releasing the first beta-quality version of Firefox 4, which starts us down the path to a final release of Firefox 4. We’re handling this beta differently than we’ve done other releases. In previous betas we’ve made milestone-like releases. For this […]

  • IBM picks Firefox as its default browser

    IBM’s Vice President of Open Source and Linux, Bob Sutor, announced that IBM has picked Firefox as the organisation’s default browser on his blog: We’re officially adding a new piece of software to the list of default common applications we expect employees to use, and that’s the Mozilla Firefox browser. Firefox has been around for […]