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  • Pundits have been debating whether Apple will merge Mac OS and iOS into a single, unified OS for all Apple devices smarter than an iPod classic for a little while now. It probably isn’t something that will happen any time soon with the recent Mac OS 10.7 announcement but wouldn’t it be interesting? Just like […]

  • I just received an unsolicited call from the local marketing manager of Diplomat Magazine (I think that is who he was and where he works – he wasn’t very clear on the phone). He gave me a pitch about how the magazine goes out to diplomats and he would like to do something with my […]

  • I should have a category on this blog for “Stuff That Will Engage 5.3% of Your Attention For 3.5 Minutes” and this would be one of the posts under that category. Google has refreshed the Chrome icon. The refresh is an attempt to make the icon more representative of the simplicity Chrome represents as a […]

  • I’m working at Cerebra this morning. The power went out just after a storm and, for a short time, the office was almost totally quiet. I looked up and saw this (the PR team in the foreground).

  • I just noticed that Yad Vashem’s collections are available online, with Google’s help. If you are not familiar with Yad Vashem (I haven’t had an opportunity to visit yet, myself), here is some background information: As the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its […]

  • I just noticed an interesting statement in this Business Insider article titled “LinkedIn is Going to Compete with Twitter“: LinkedIn’s main problem is that, as it says itself in its S-1 filing, the vast majority of LinkedIn members don’t actually use it. To be blunt: it’s just not useful for the majority of users. It’s […]

  • David Greenway pointed me to an article on TechCentral titled “Core Group slashes iPad prices” a little earlier today. This article comes soon after I had a discussion with a couple people on Twitter about the iPad 2 and Core’s possible approach to its iPad 1 sales so soon after it started selling them in […]