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  • Change your master password if you are a LastPass user

    If you are, like me, a LastPass user then you need to change your master password. LastPass picked up on some suspicious activity in its logs and requires all users to change their master passwords as a precaution: We noticed an issue yesterday and wanted to alert you to it. As a precaution, we’re also […]

  • HTC.vom

    I made a little oops when I tried to browse to the HTC website. I only realised what I typed afterwards. It seems oddly appropriate and a little funny. And with that, I can fairly safely say I will never be invited to another HTC launch event … ever! It is still funny though.

  • Cool business card holder from @europcarsa

    I received this cool business card holder from Europcar SA the other day when Zahava Stein, Europcar SA‘s General Manager for Marketing, dropped off a platinum card for me (thanks Zavi). This card holder is similar to one I received as a gift from my secretary when I left Werksmans years ago but this one […]

  • Don't underestimate the power of Thor

    This great little video from Marvel takes on the Volkswagen Star Wars ad (also brilliant):

  • Shining a spotlight on the companies that spam

    I am tired of all the spammy phone calls, faxes and emails from companies trying to sell me stuff. It’s mostly legal but I think it’s time to shine a spotlight on these people. Update: At the moment unsolicited direct marketing is permissible under our law. Contrary to popular opinion, the Consumer Protection Act does […]

  • What @picknpay Norwood can do to suck less

    I have a strained relationship with the Norwood Pick ‘n Pay store (its mostly on my side). I shop there because of its selection and because it is less than 4 minutes from my house by car. Unfortunately, shopping at this store is a pretty unpleasant experience. In the vernacular, it sucks. I had a […]

  • An interview with Adii, local rockstar and inspiration

    Charl Norman conducted a terrific interview with an inspirational South African entrepreneur, Adriaan Pienaar, better known as Adii. If you haven’t heard of or come across Adii, here is a little info from his site: Adii Rockstar (born Adriaan Pienaar) is an entrepreneur, the co-founder of the very successful online startup WooThemes and a general […]

  • Feedback from Dis-Chem after our incident

    I just received a call from Stan (I forgot his last name), a Dis-Chem director, after some intervention by Kerry Haggard who had her own experience with the Norwood Dis-Chem last week. The call was to find out about our terrible experience at the same Dis-Chem store a little while ago. I explained what happened […]