A feed reader that lets me comment and like?

I use Feedly to subscribe to sites that I follow. I was just reading through some of the feeds, and I realised that I don’t seem to have a way to give feedback on posts, from Feedly. For example, if I read something that I like, I’d like to, well, “Like” the post, or leave…

How Instapaper could be an even better research tool

I love Instapaper. It is my “read it later” app and, increasingly, one of my favorite research tools too. I had an idea for how it can be better for research and thought I’d explain how.

How Instapaper made me cry big tears of joy

I use Instapaper every day and the day the app was updated to add highlights was a very happy one. Today’s update adds, among other things, notes that sync! Yes, Instapaper made me cry big tears of joy today. https://twitter.com/instapaper/status/606510826124640257 Love this app! Look, there is even a happy demo video: https://vimeo.com/129788195

Google+ fundamentally isn't about social or people

I’m reading Om Malik’s interesting article titled “One diabetic’s take on Google’s Smart Contact Lenses” and his assessment of Google+ stood out for me: Google+, their social network, is a fail because it fundamentally isn’t social or about people — it is an effort to solve Google’s need for social data for better advertising using…

The stupid things some atheists come up with

I am constantly amazed that some (not all) atheists come up with particularly short-sighted, superficial and even downright stupid comments when talking about an issue that has a religious aspect. I’ve spent a little time thinking about day to day religious practices and customs and what I’ve noticed is that many of them serve a…

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