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  • The new Dropbox is a compelling alternative to both Evernote and Google Drive

    Why thoughts about switching All of what I’ve explored below is premised on me wanting to migrate away from Evernote and Google Drive. I don’t have a particularly strong desire to move away from either service, although there are reasons for me to have a Plan B in mind if it becomes necessary to make […]

  • Jamboard and Surface Studio are hints of our future tech

    Google Jamboard is a hint of the future of how we will interface with our data and collaborate with each other. In itself, it isn’t a dramatic leap forward but it is a step nevertheless.

  • Those who can’t, PowerPoint

    There are so many other ways to present ideas and concepts as well as more effective ways to collaborate than a PowerPoint deck.

  • “Can we sit to discuss X”: the productivity death knell

    There are times when meetings are appropriate. Not many. Most times the invitation to “sit to discuss” kills productivity.

  • Why is Evernote offering a free Dropbox Pro trial?

    Evernote is offering a free Dropbox Pro trial to new Evernote users (or Evernote Basic users) and who are also not Dropbox Pro members … What?! Dropbox and Evernote have been implicitly targeting each other’s users for quite some time now. Dropbox has even developed features that challenge Evernote directly on some features that only […]

  • I’m pretty interested in Git and +GitHub and whether there is scope to use either in our work. Perhaps if we were working exclusively with plain text files there may be scope as an internal collaboration option. Adding it might just add more complexity to our workflows unless we’re going to replace something with it. […]

  • A fairy dies every time lawyers create documents that look as dense as this. And yes, we’re partly to blame for the fairy population devastation by participating in this madness. I’m resisting the urge to totally reformat this document …