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What do The Laughing Man, an economist and chickens have in common

Now this is social business:

The smallest innovations and improvements can transform the lives of farmers and their families. Through purchasing coffee from Laughing Man – and other Fair Trade products – people can choose to be part of the story.

Read the full story about the actor, the economist and their work with rural entrepreneurs who are making a real difference.

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Coffee on tap, controlled by your iPhone

Imagine you are waking up one morning and you feel the need for a great coffee. You reach over to your iPhone and instruct your coffee machine to make you a large latte while you climb out of bed and stumble over to the kitchen where its waiting for you. Sound like science fiction? Its not but it certainly looks like it should be:

Welcome to the Scanomat TopBrewer:

With a touch of your iPhone or iPad, the TopBrewer will brew up any drink of your choice – you can choose from the available drinks on the menu, or have your own favorite pre-programmed. There are all kinds of options for programming your own cup. You can control ever parameter, from the precision of the grind to the water temperature.

I can just see my wife salivating now …

Source: BlackNotes and Brit Morin.