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  • Somehow the clouds make the heat less oppressive

    It’s mid-Summer in this part of the world. It’s generally pretty hot, as you can imagine. Somehow, having some cloud cover makes the heat a little less oppressive.

  • Modi’in looks pretty, don’t you think?

    Modi’in looks pretty, don’t you think?

    A perspective on Modi’in, our city, one Friday morning as the clouds were lifting.

  • Looking up

    I was wondering around my usual haunt at lunchtime today and looked up and thought how spectacular the view was. It took a few moments for the right neurons to fire before I took out my camera and started shooting. I’ll share my DSLR photos soon. In the meantime, here is a preview. Processed with…

  • The windy, cloudy trail

    The windy, cloudy trail

    What an interesting cloudy trail over Tel Aviv

  • The Umhlanga coast

    I spent a little time taking photos of the Umhlanga coast while I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel recently. I remember taking similar photos about 20 years ago during family trips to Umhlanga Rocks (we stayed at the Cabana Beach Resort Hotel back then) so these photos brought back some memories.

  • About that sunset

    Here are some of my better photos from that sunset I mentioned in my previous post. I did very little editing to these photos aside from running an initial auto adjustment. and

  • Morning Moon

    The Moon looked particularly enticing this morning and I grabbed my camera and tripod and rushed outside and took a couple photos. They’re not quite the huge Moon you often see from better zoom lenses but these came out ok. The rest of my Moon photos are here.