I went for a walk to do some shopping this morning. One of the cool benefits of our new city center is a convenient, short tunnel to the mall. It was nice to be out, roaming around the city a little, even with a mask taped to my face (it stops fogging up my sunglasses!).… Continue reading Light at the end of a short tunnel

Sunrise photowalk along the new Modiin city center boulevard

Exploring our new city center Years under construction I’ve been watching the Modiin city centre slowly take shape over the last four years. I captured the development’s progress on and off in my photographs, many of which are on Flickr 👉 2015-12-22 Directing construction2015-12-15 Construction one morning2017-01-07 Exploring an evolving site2018-06-09 Modiin City Centre construction…… Continue reading Sunrise photowalk along the new Modiin city center boulevard

Modi’in under construction

https://flic.kr/p/sxzjqd We live in Modi’in in Central Israel. It is one of the first cities in Israel that was actually planned before being built and it is a terrific city for families with lots of parks and open spaces. https://flic.kr/p/szR8PK The city is under construction and is going to receive a few upgrades including a…… Continue reading Modi’in under construction