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  • Confused about busy

    I still use RSS feeds for most of my reading and one of the feeds I enjoy the most is Seth Godin’s. I think I tend to save a few dozen of his articles for when I most feel the need for extraordinary inspiration and then dive in. His post titled “Two kinds of busy” […]

  • Don’t be bitter, be better

    Don’t be bitter, be better

    Someone I respect gave me advice that has remained with me ever since one of my biggest personal failures: “Don’t be bitter, be better”. I made a huge mistake and that probably cost me valuable relationships but his advice continues to inspire me.

  • Make a decision and don't be an ass about it

    I’m warning you now, this is going to seem like a pretty petty post but here I go anyway. I was sitting with my iPad last night catching up on some reading. I have developed a habit of saving stuff I want to read to both Instapaper and Pocket. Both are terrific apps and each […]

  • New Year's Day is another day

    We work ourselves up over New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day every year. We debate whether we should have resolutions for the new year or something different. We celebrate late into the night and wake up feeling as if a rare opportunity to begin again has been delivered to us. It’s an illusion, of […]

  • Great tips for newbie photographers

    I just read Simon Dingle’s terrific post titled “Choosing a first DSLR” and it is definitely worth reading if you are thinking about buying your first DSLR camera. I sort of went through this process in December when I decided to splurge on a DSLR after years with Canon point and shoot cameras and my […]

  • My not so great Tumblr versus Google+ debate

    Never mind the Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter debate, there are pretty strong similarities between Google+ and Tumblr and Posterous. I used to use Posterous and Tumblr depending on my mood and closed down my Posterous site when I realised I didn’t really have a need for it given my preference for Tumblr anyway. Besides, […]