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  • No 140-character limit on Twitter DMs; does it matter?

    Twitter finally announced that it has removed the 140-character limit on Twitter Direct Messages. Great move, but is it too late to entice users who already use other private chat apps to switch to Twitter? Direct Messages now go beyond 140 characters. Go long, express yourself, wax poetic: https://t.co/zr2lnTfOI7 pic.twitter.com/o4eSv6Wv5u — Twitter (@Twitter) August 12, 2015 […]

  • How sandwiches switched from email to Slack

    It is starting to seems like everyone is using Slack for internal comms within teams. I have at least two clients using it and I know of a couple other small teams using it too. (On a related note, the Slack referral program which gives you $100 in credit when you sign up expires at […]

  • Simplifying the crowded messaging space

    The messaging space seems to be the antithesis of email. Where email works using common protocols and a variety of email applications that all support them, messaging apps rarely talk to each other and basically function in silos. The messaging space is a surprisingly tricky one to dominate but a few of the services are […]

  • Should Path be less, not more?

    Lauren Hockenson has a great article on GigaOm about the new Path releases titled “Once again, Path proves why it has been trendy but not trend-setting“. Here is a snippet: The issue with Path is that it can’t resist hopping on a new social trend. The app takes cues from practically every other social media […]

  • What the heck is going on with WeChat?

    I just visited LinkedIn to publish my previous post and this stunned me. I installed WeChat on my phone a while ago, was pretty uneasy about it (I searched for information about the encryption it uses or other security features and couldn’t even a hint and that troubled me) and removed it from my phone. […]