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  • Instapaper sold to Pinterest – at first I was afraid

    Instapaper sold to Pinterest – at first I was afraid

    The news that Instapaper sold to Pinterest shocked me from my early evening domestic routine. At first, it seemed like a mistake. It couldn’t be true. And then it sank in.

  • Those crazy, early months as a learner Israeli

    Those crazy, early months as a learner Israeli

    Bibi is another learner Israeli who arrived here about 3 months ago. She is blogging about her experiences and, when I read her latest post, it reminds me what we experienced a few months ago (and still do).

  • Insanity or a new model?

    Maybe your preferred model doesn’t work anymore and, instead of insisting on using it and expecting a different outcome, you should adopt a new model?

  • Everybody is “I” – life, death and being

    Everybody is “I” – life, death and being

    “… we all know very well that after people die, other people are born. And they’re all you.”

  • Trapani, time and transitions

    Trapani, time and transitions

    Gina Trapani spoke at the XOXO Festival recently and I finally watched her talk. I’ve followed Trapani for years now and when she mentioned that she spoke at the festival (hadn’t heard of it before) on an episode of This Week in Google, I made a mental note to watch the video. She talks about…

  • People prefer being victims too much to make changes

    Isn’t it interesting that people often say they will pay for an ad-free social experience and when the opportunity arises, they don’t. Instead they slip back into familiar comfort and complain another day. In some cases, people don’t need to pay anything, they just have to decide to try something new and make a change,…

  • Two kinds of mistakes

    I came across this great quote in Seth Godin’s post titled “Two kinds of mistakes” a year ago. I just noticed it in my notes folder and it really speaks to me: There is the mistake of overdoing the defense of the status quo, the error of investing too much time and energy in keeping…