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Behind the Cerebra rebranding

I like the new Cerebra branding quite a lot so this video by Nice Work was a terrific behind-the-scenes peek at the thinking that went into it:

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Birthday @UberEllis

Birthday UberEllis-1

I do some work for Cerebra and I was at Cerebra’s offices when the staff gathered to celebrate Andre Ellis‘ birthday. Birthdays at Cerebra are great and I’ve only seen the office stuff. The staff gather in the kitchen area, sing happy birthday to the lucky birthday person and there is cake. Its a terrific environment and I love how the team gathers to celebrate.

Birthday UberEllis-5

Anyway, I take my camera with me pretty much wherever I go and had it with me yesterday. I took a couple photos which came out quite nicely and thought I would post them.

Birthday UberEllis-2

Birthday UberEllis-4

Birthday UberEllis-7