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  • Having standards and doing great work

    Having standards and doing great work

    Standing by your standards can be a tougher road to walk but doing so is often a pretty good representation of the kind of person you are.

  • Better management

    Better management

    Having been a manager and an employee, managed as part of a team, techniques for and examples of effectively management is pretty interesting to me. I have been listening to a great podcast discussion about this and I wanted to share that.

  • When relying too heavily on cloud services is too risky

    When you rely on one site alone for income, any policy change can instantly destroy you. This line from an article titled “YouTube Unleashes Strange Storm Of Copyright Claims On Video Game Content Producers” stood out.

  • Challenging Not-for-Profit Perceptions

    I’ve been involved in a couple not-for-profit (aka non-profit) organisations in my career in some form or another. What I have noticed is that many of this not-for-profit organisations (let’s just refer to them as “NPOs”) suffer from a debilitating perception held by their various stakeholders. This perception is that a NPO should not make…

  • The LEGO story in an inspiring animated film

    This short animated video is a fun story and a great bit of history if you were ever a LEGO fanatic. I used to play with it for hours as a child.

  • Send me your skilled – connecting people

    Send me your skilled – connecting people

    Now and then I know people who want to meet people. I enjoy connecting people (authentically) so I thought I’d offer to help.