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  • No sooner did I publish my post with an interesting observation how the majority of LinkedIn’s users don’t actually use LinkedIn all that much, LinkedIn rolled out a new news product called LinkedIn Today which makes more sense of all the news links people share in LinkedIn updates. This is a pretty interesting move and […]

  • I just noticed an interesting statement in this Business Insider article titled “LinkedIn is Going to Compete with Twitter“: LinkedIn’s main problem is that, as it says itself in its S-1 filing, the vast majority of LinkedIn members don’t actually use it. To be blunt: it’s just not useful for the majority of users. It’s […]

  • LinkedIn has revamped its Groups and the result is likely to be better engagement, improved discussion quality and more relevant information being presented in groups. This video outlines the changes quite nicely: The changes seem to be designed to make the groups more relevant in themselves and, at the same time, starting points for new […]

  • We’re heading off to the 27 Dinner tonight like half of Joburg geekdom. I’m looking forward to it partly because we are going to hear from Justin Spratt and Google’s new country manager, Stephen Newton (please no Google PR speak??!). I’ll probably be posting to FriendFeed as we go (look for the comments to this […]