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“Margin is breathing room. It’s the opposite of overload.”

Shawn Blanc has an interesting post about something he calls “Margin” (roughly speaking, metaphorical breathing room), titled “Why Margin is Critical for Doing Your Best Creative Work”, which is an important read:

Margin is so important because having that breathing room in your life is healthy. You need margin in your schedule, in your finances, and in your relationships. You need breathing room for your creative energy. Margin helps you show up every day to do and focus on your best creative work. And much more.

He has been writing about Margin for a little while and has collected all his thoughts and other materials in a central repository you should spend some time with if this topic interests you. This idea of building some breathing room into your life to give yourself a buffer between your daily craziness is such a good idea.

I know that I need it. I am not the sort of person who thrives on constant stress and pressure and, if anything, that stifles my creativity and capacity to be productive. Stress now and then is unavoidable but too much of it is utterly destructive.

Image source: Pixabay, released under a CC0 Dedication

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iOS 8 just made Flipboard much more useful to me

I haven’t used Flipboard all that much lately for one reason: the built in sharing options for articles I read and wanted to share have been too limited. Sure, you could share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn but that involved a lot more time than using something like Buffer and Buffer enables me to share using different profiles on each service (for example, I have a Twitter profile for my business and my personal one – Flipboard only supports one profile on each service).

I realised this morning that Flipboard supports the new sharing options that comes with iOS 8 that connect with other apps installed on my devices, like Buffer. Other apps I use like Reeder and Feedly have supported a variety of sharing options for a while now so I’ve tended to use these feed readers as my primary news aggregation sources. Now, Flipboard has just become a lot more interesting for me and I’m pretty pleased about that!

Here is a quick guide to using those sharing options in 3 steps. Just bear in mind that the iOS sharing options leverage installed apps on your devices and you may need to activate the apps in the extended sharing menu.