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  • Ghost of WordPress’ past

    Ghost of WordPress’ past

    I came across an almost inevitable comparison post between newer blog publishing platform, Ghost, and WordPress the other day. I like Ghost’s emphasis on Markdown and its simplicity. I also know that Nathan Jeffery uses Ghost for his blog and he enjoys using it. You probably guessed that I am a bit WordPress user and have […]

  • Should professional websites have blogs?

    Should professional websites have blogs?

    My primary business is my digital risk consulting business and its website has a blog along with static pages about me, my services as related themes. I have maintained a blog on my professional sites for about 9 years, it just seemed like the right way to set up a professional site. Lately, though, I’ve […]

  • Blogging 2.0 – when your blog becomes your social hub

    Blogging 2.0 – when your blog becomes your social hub

    I started thinking about blogs in a social context. Blogs like this one have become personal hubs where we share our ideas, passions and more.

  • Are blogs still relevant as personal sharing platforms?

    This is a repost from my Tumblr blog and was originally published on 11 February 2013 I’ve been thinking about blogs’ relevance again. My Squarespace subscription for my main blog is about to come to an end and as awesome as Squarespace is as a platform, I don’t use that site nearly often enough to […]

  • My favourite quote about blogging

    My favourite description of blogging is a quote from Elliott Gould’s character in Contagion when confronted by Jude Law’s blogger character’s assertion that blogging was, essentially, a form of journalism: Blogging is graffiti with punctuation!

  • My not so great Tumblr versus Google+ debate

    Never mind the Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter debate, there are pretty strong similarities between Google+ and Tumblr and Posterous. I used to use Posterous and Tumblr depending on my mood and closed down my Posterous site when I realised I didn’t really have a need for it given my preference for Tumblr anyway. Besides, […]

  • What blogging means to me

    What blogging means to me

    I took some time to write about what blogging means to me a few years ago. This post was written in the early days of blogging, before social media gained the sort of traction we see today.