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  • The Pirate Bay is ruining BitTorrent for everyone

    The Pirate Bay is ruining BitTorrent for everyone

    BitTorrent is an amazing technology and can be used to really grow and maintain the open Web. By promoting irresponsible uses of the technology, The Pirate Bay is harming the open Web and ruining BitTorrent for the rest of us.

  • What are the legitimate uses for BitTorrent?

    I dusted off Transmission this evening, updated it to the latest version and took it out for a spin. I am tormenting Ubuntu 11.10 just to see how effective BitTorrent can be as a file sharing service. Its great, works beautifully thanks to the many people who are seeding the file and that is one…

  • This is why honest users pirate music

    The people who download content using options like BitTorrent don’t all intend to “steal” content. Sometimes, content “piracy” is committed by people who are just frustrated by bad content business models.