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Jewish pride at the new Yitzhak Navon train station in Jerusalem

I took the new(ish) fast train to Jerusalem with my friend today. It was my first time on that train, and I really enjoyed the new Yitzhak Navon station.

We arrived mid-morning, and was greeted by this Star of David Shadow caused by lines of Israeli flags in the open air atrium of the station:

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When you make aliya “… you will be a Jew – not Jewish”

Neil Lazarus published a post titled “The top 14 facts they forget to tell you about aliya” which my friend, Rachelle, pointed out on Facebook. I’m not sure about most of the “facts” but number 14 works for me:

Despite all of the above, your children will be Jewish and will have a sense of pride. You will walk the roads where Jewish prophets and kings once walked. You will celebrate Jewish holidays and walk streets named after mega-Jews — not saints. You will become a part of Jewish history as it unfolds and, as an Israeli, you will be a Jew — not Jewish.

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"… the difference between living as a Jew outside Israel and as a Jew in Israel"

I just read an article by Brian Thomas titled “Yom Kippur, Tel Aviv style” which I really enjoyed. He pretty much sums it up with in these two paragraphs:

That is the difference between living as a Jew outside Israel and as a Jew in Israel: here we can just BE Jewish and the calendar and the customs and the norms of behavior push us into being culturally Jewish even if we don’t want to study Torah for nine hours a day.

Jews don’t want anywhere else to be a little piece of Israel, we just want this one small place in the world to be ours and to feel Jewish.