Could Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Be Better?

Update (2016-08-06): I have an answer for you. Keep reading, I have some thoughts to share at the end.

Batman v Superman received really bad reviews, for the most part. I enjoyed the movie even though I felt something was lacking. I resisted the urge to write something about it afterwards because my first instinct was to defend the movie even though I felt a little disappointed.

I think what bothered me most about the cinematic release was that it felt abbreviated. I know that sounds a little crazy given that the movie ran to about two and a half hours. It felt as if important story arcs weren’t developed enough and it seemed as if it was all just thrown together for a spectacular finale.

The Ultimate Edition looks like it might be a better version of the movie that the cinematic release. It apparently contains another 30 minutes of “story and action not seen in theaters” and I think that might make a big difference. Just take a look at the trailer for this release:

I really wanted to love the movie. I had been looking forward to it for a long time. Hopefully, this extended release will present a more complete story that does this prelude to a Justice League movie justice (sorry!).

Postscript: We just watched the extended version of the movie and my answer to my original question is “Definitely!”. The Ultimate Edition really fills out the main storylines and brings the whole thing together so much better.

Where the theatrical release felt like there were big gaps in the storylines, this extended version offers a more complete story and much more dimension to the main characters, with the exception of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s story is going to be explored more in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie next year (which looks awesome).

If you were on the fence because the theatrical release felt like a really long action trailer, watch this version. I am much more impressed with this version of the film. Hopefully Zack Snyder will release a more complete version of Justice League and not a similarly hobbled movie.

Film Music

How the Batman v Superman soundtrack was created

Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL’s Batman v Superman soundtrack was released last Friday. I pre-ordered it from iTunes and woke up to find it already in my library. I am a huge fan of movie soundtracks and Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite composers (his Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises soundtracks are among my favourites).

I’ve been looking forward to this soundtrack for a while now. I just watched an interesting interview with Zimmer and Junkie XL about their approaches to the soundtrack. It is a fascinating interview largely because of the little insights into how some composers approach their work:

WaterTower Music has published some of the tracks from the soundtrack online. I created a quick Batman v Superman playlist for you so you can listen to the tracks:

Batman v Superman selection by Paul Jacobson

If you remember the Man of Steel soundtrack, you’ll definitely pick up on some of the themes from that album in the Batman v Superman soundtrack. Here is the preview of the Man of Steel soundtrack that was published about 2 years ago:

Man Of Steel – Official Soundtrack Preview by WaterTowerMusic

I’m really excited about the movie and to hearing these tracks in context in the action. As much as I love the movies, the soundtracks are often even more exciting to me (especially when the soundtracks are really good in themselves) because I listen to them for years afterwards.

I’ve been listening to the Batman v Superman soundtrack on and off over the last few days and it’s growing on me. The different themes to each of the major characters make for a bit of a jarring listen because they don’t all flow into each other but I’m enjoying it nevertheless.

WaterTower Music has a couple different format options if you want the album (including a 3 LP deluxe vinyl version for you comics hipsters) on its site.

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