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  • I have been pretty quiet on this blog for a couple weeks and the main reason is that my wife and I were expecting a baby and he arrived a full two weeks ahead of schedule. I am sure I don’t need to point out to those of you who are parents that having a […]

  • I was invited to the office warming party for Howes Incorporated, a labour firm started by Deanne Howes about 2 years ago. I first visited Deanne’s new offices a couple months ago and this evening she had a shindig for her clients and colleagues. It was a fun evening and the catering was handled by […]

  • This story in Sunday Times raises some interesting issues. On the one hand black lawyers (and advocates in particular) have not had such an easy time even in the new South Africa. Advocates work on a referral basis so it is not easy for new advocates and unknowns to break into the profession and develop […]