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  • You can’t do great work until you love what you do

    Om Malik published a short reminder of one of the many great quotes from the late Steve Jobs: The only way to do great work is to love what you do It reminds of the idea that doing the work you love is the path to meaning and fulfillment. Thanks Om!

  • #SoWhat


    I saw this in the Nelson Mandela Square parking area … Pretty much speaks for itself.

  • Always be in beta

    I just noticed this IBM SmarterWorkforce tweet and love it: https://twitter.com/IBMSmtWorkforce/status/481071128040206338 If you are wondering about the woman in the photo, she is the inspirational Max Kaizen who I always think about when the topic of continuous improvement comes up.

  • Needing Permission

    I found myself in an interesting position. I was doing some work for a community project and a manager who had a different approach to handling some aspects of the project began to assert herself more. It began to feel as if my contribution wasn’t appreciated, even though it was very much needed and the […]

  • Who says you need to wait until you ‘feel like’ doing something in order to start doing it? Source: “How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don’t Want To“

  • Beluga #fail

    I think I have been to the Beluga restaurant once. I had lunch there during a trip to Cape Town a couple years ago and when I have thought about fancy places to visit during future trips, it has tended to pop up in my mind as a possibility. That won’t be happening anymore (not […]