A peek inside Alex Ross’ studio (and his collection)

I’m a huge fan of Alex Ross’ work, especially for DC Comics. I have a couple graphic novels that he did the artwork for, and they’re some of my favourite books. CBS This Morning’s Anthony Mason visited Ross in his studio, and spoke to him about his career painting superheroes. Ross’ “toy” collection, alone, is […]

“What makes photography a strange invention …”

John Berger’s quote about “[w]hat makes photography a strange invention …” caught my attention. It was one of what seem like many inspiring perspectives on photography by a well regarded artist.

Remarkable local sketch artist at the Norwood Mall

We just walked past this remarkable sketch artist who sits outside the Cell C store in the Norwood Mall. I thought he just copies photos but he just uses photos as a starting point for more personal sketches. Sandton, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, RSA

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