City benches

I went for a walk to drop off some library books. The machine that I wanted to use to drop off the books was out of order. I found some decorated, though weathered, city benches along the way.

Obscurity and why artists make art

I’m not sure how I feel about Kahlil Gibran’s thoughts about why artists make art. It rings true for me and I suppose that may be why I am resisting it, somewhat.

Photo fun with Prisma on my phone

I’ve been playing around with Prisma more lately and I really like what it does for some of my photos. It won’t replace Lightroom but it still does great things for our mobile images.

The girl on a wall

Every workday morning, for about a year, I saw this girl on a wall as I exited the Tel Aviv Central train station in Ramat Gan. I found her captivating and kept promising myself that I would take photos of her for my collection.

Essential illustrated history of the Millennium Falcon

This illustrated history of the Millennium Falcon is essential reading for Star Wars fans.

Super paint job on that car, man

Yes, the title is cheesy but how awesome is this paint work? I saw it at gym earlier.

The Great Office Photo Wall debate

My wife and I are having a debate about my planned photo wall in my new office which I move into later this month. The idea is to have one wall in my office and one in Nastassja‘s office which will have photos relevant to what we’re doing. My thinking behind the wall in my […]

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