Someone I was chatting to after the 2014 elections, last week, made an interesting comment. He said that if the old Apartheid-era National Party had educated all South Africans better (and not just white South Africans), the ANC under Jacob Zuma would have had a more challenging time selling themselves with all the corruption in… Continue reading Could the old Apartheid government have saved us from Zuma's ANC?

Apartheid is a ridiculous metaphor for Israel

Our friend, Rolene Marks, wrote a post titled “Bearing Witness” a few weeks ago about the embarrassment that was the Russell Tribunal “trial” in Cape Town. I hadn’t heard of this “tribunal” before reading Rolene’s post and now that I have, I can’t help but think how absurd it and the Apartheid metaphor are. The…… Continue reading Apartheid is a ridiculous metaphor for Israel