Music Wellbeing

Feeling a bit better with this song

I’ve had a rough week or two with more anxiety and depression than usual. Music tends to help my mood, and “Like Gold” by Vance Joy is one of those songs for me:

Actually, I’m really enjoying Vance Joy generally at the moment. Here’a a great playlist to binge with:

Mindsets Wellbeing

Swimming and anxiety

I just watched a short documentary, titled “Waterlog”, about writer Joe Minihane’s journey towards a better understanding of his anxiety, and a healthier perspective on his life through “wild swimming“:

One of Minihane’s insights is that it’s cathartic to talk about experiences with anxiety, depression, and other conditions. This reminds me of how Wil Wheaton makes a point of speaking, and writing, openly about his experiences with depression, panic attacks, and more.

It’s inspiring to read about people like Joe Minihane, and Wil Wheaton who have the courage to speak openly about their challenges. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by anxiety and depression, and pretty tough to find your way out of it when it happens.

Stories like these offer more hope that it can get better.

Applications Business and work Mindsets

App choice anxiety

The problem with having so many app choices for common tasks is that the sheer number of apps can be a complete productivity killer. Each choice is accompanied by a few trade-offs and the result, for me at least, is that I end up spending more time deciding which app to use than actually starting the task.

Ironically the solution is to just make a choice about everything. Or you can simplify your choices by sticking with defaults unless there is a really compelling reason to install something else (I think Nathan Jeffery tends to stick with default apps).

App choice anxiety is a real pain in the butt!

Business and work Mobile Tech

My MacBook Air just had its first anxiety attack

It had a little nap and seems to be feeling better now.