When you make aliya “… you will be a Jew – not Jewish”

Our aliya process is very much a work in progress. This list of aliya “facts” is a little funny and I’ll find out in a few years how true they are but one stands out for me.

Those crazy, early months as a learner Israeli

Bibi is another learner Israeli who arrived here about 3 months ago. She is blogging about her experiences and, when I read her latest post, it reminds me what we experienced a few months ago (and still do).

Sarah @TuttleSinger on making the choice to be Israeli

I enjoyed Sarah Tuttle-Singer’s interview about her move to Israel with two small children and her choice to be Israeli.

Tips for new Olim moving to Israel

Our friends have been asking us about our move to Israel late last year so I started preparing a list of tips that have helped us and thought I’d share them. First, a little disclaimer: These tips don’t replace advice you get from the various agencies and Israeli Ministries that have published terrific guides and […]

Facebook + emigration = meaningful sharing with people who matter

I started posting more to Facebook when we moved to Israel about 2 weeks ago. Most of my posts were (and remain) intended for my friends and family so I share those posts just with them. That is why I haven’t blogged nearly as much about our move. I resisted using Facebook for a long […]

Finally home in Israel where we belong

Facebook’s well meaning year end round-up isn’t appealing to everyone. It is supposed to present an upbeat summary of a positive 2014 but 2014 wasn’t a positive year for many people. It was a terrible year for me in many respects and were it not for my family and where we have wound up, 2014 […]

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