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  • Bring Them Home #KidnappedFromIsrael

    Bring Them Home #KidnappedFromIsrael

    Not only were Israelis brutally murdered, raped and mutilated on 7 October 2023, more than 240 people were kidnapped from towns and cities near the Gaza border. Most of the kidnapped remain in Gaza. Here are the stories of some of the babies, children, men, women and elderly who were taken.

  • We don’t care

    We don’t care

    I read a post on the Times of Israel Blogs titled “Dear world: I don’t care” that expresses what I, and so many other Israelis, think about the mounting hypocritical, hateful, and inaccurate criticism of Israel’s attempts to defeat Hamas, and return to us a measure of peace and security in our homes.

  • Israelis helping each other through this difficult time

    Israelis helping each other through this difficult time

    Despite being caught by surprise on 7 October, Israelis sprang into action and started helping each other almost as soon as news about the brutal attacks spread. While our government stumbles and is barely visible in this crisis, Israelis are unifying as we hoped we would (and feared we may not after nine months of…

  • Your Israel Hypocrisy Is Showing

    Your Israel Hypocrisy Is Showing

    This war with Hamas, like virtually any other conflict between Israel and terrorists, reveals international hypocrisy and the eagerness to blame Israel. It also highlights an ongoing refusal to condemn terrorist organisations like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad for intentionally targeting Israeli civilians, and intentionally placing Palestinian civilians in the firing line.